Oregon Ranch Sales Associate Tests Out John Deere Gator

Oregon ranch sales associate Rob Ezell of Fay Ranches.

I was fortunate last spring to be included with a good friend and famous fisherman Brian Okeefe on a film shoot for John Deere’s new sport utility vehicle. We were in the remote access area of Mt Hood National Forest about 35 miles south of Hood River Oregon.

The area of farm and ranch land below this access area is famous for apple orchards and berry farms. We were lucky enough to spend 3 days driving the new John Deere Gator through some punishing terrain which is more suited to Deer and Elk.

I must admit being a Polaris Ranger owner that I went into this more jaded toward Polaris and thinking of the old 6 wheel Gators I had spent time in a friends duck club. Let me assure you this is not your dad’s “old Gator”.

The machine performed far beyond my wildest expectations and would take you to any hunting or fishing destination which is legal to take this UTV into. It also is the ultimate farming and ranching vehicle for any large parcel an individual may own.

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