An Oregon Ranch Broker's Day

Oregon Ranch Broker, Rob Ezell, reluctantly crawled from beneath the down quilt looking to find a pair of something to put on - his feet already cold from touching the wood floor which feels more like an ice rink. After the coffee pot is warm, three cups of delicious brew chased by a smoothie will tide him over until lunch.

Lunch packed in the cooler and another cup of coffee for good measure, I head to the truck and crank it over, knowing 10 minutes will pass before the heater is finally able to give me any comfort. As I drive east on an Oregon highway toward a ranch I have never seen my heart begins to beat a little faster. The owner has related the river next to the property holds 16 inch rainbow trout and that I may be able to take a couple casts at them - just to test fish the water of course. He has also shared that the elk have been in the fields feeding with the cows and that wild turkeys have been spotted by the old barn adjacent to the steep hills covered with aspen and juniper trees.

As I pull up to meet the ranch manager we shake hands and climb in the truck, the map spread out in 3 pieces to view the country we will be exploring and hiking together for the day. The sun is just beginning to crest the hill and expose the ranch and its beauty to me. I am awed by the hills which rise up from the pasture, barns, and outbuildings, and the sparkling silver river which meanders through the property. The animals are darting through the round hay bales stacked in orderly fashion and I feel as though I am the luckiest man in the world to witness all of it coming to life.

The day has come and gone as I drive towards home through country I can now see and appreciate even more since visiting a ranch in the midst of it. I have had the pleasure of spending time in country which few have the opportunity to view first hand, by horse or by foot. I have seen game that many will never witness and walked through cover on the edge of fields that flushed wild pheasant and quail from their hiding places. I sat in the kitchen of a beautiful home, with real people interested in making this special place available to some lucky person that appreciates all it has to offer.

I relish the next few weeks when I can begin to introduce others to the potential and the beauty properties like this hold for all who take the time to see them.

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